Wednesday Walk Along: A Tribute to Our Mothers

I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.

Abraham Lincoln

Good morning! I’ve been looking forward to our walk. So many firsts took place in the short time since we last talked; I don’t know where to begin.

My husband finished his first year of teaching and his first summer off, and headed into the new school year ready for another round. The kids and I settled into our new normal, too. For the first day or so, Rosie would exclaim, “I don’t want you. I want Daddy!”, whenever she needed snuggles. She is her daddy’s girl, through and through, but I think she’s warming up to me as an acceptable replacement.

She and I officially kicked off homeschool preschool, as well, with a cute poem from Blossom & Root, learning how to use scissors and get dressed all by herself, and reading The Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne (Do you remember those?!).

I also made my first layer cake! I used the Almond Joy Cake recipe from Kathi Vincent’s Cafe Cotillion cookbook, which I highly recommend. I must admit, I jump at the chance to show you:

I generally struggle to pull off tasty and presentable, so it’s a big deal. In the interest of authenticity, however, just know we’ve eaten many a cake out of a 9×13 pan with frosting haphazardly melted all over it.

What is the occasion? you might ask.

Celebrating a Birthday

On Sunday, my mom turned— 29 again, as she likes to say— a special birthday for an incredible woman. To celebrate, we visited a beautiful little B&B, watched our favorite episodes of I Love Lucy, and shopped until we dropped the next morning.

You would never know by looking at her all that my mom has been through— from eight miscarriages, a difficult divorce, and losing a sister at a young age, to helping two children battle mental health disorders, caring for a mother with Alzheimer’s disease, and working full-time as a single mother for many years.

I feel immense gratitude that, even amidst her adversity, she brought us to Christ through her example, and her unconditional love, and she chooses to be happy. We are not perfect kids, but we know God loves us, and we do our best to reciprocate that love.

Remembering an Angel

The second special lady we honor this week, my sweet mother-in-law, passed away four years ago on August 7th, after a devastating car accident.

I only knew her for a few short years, but I believe my kids knew her up in Heaven. I often feel like she hugged them before they came to Earth, and told them what a great daddy waited for them there. I know she must be so proud to see the man her own little boy became.

My husband attributes much of that to her, from her great love of literature and passion for learning, to her ever present guiding hand. She taught him to work hard, and persevere, and led him toward some of his now beloved interests, such as: playing the violin and fiddle, cooking and sharing family dinner, and spending time in nature, or in a good book. She, too, faced her share of hardships, but she showed up faithfully each morning, because she loved her children, and she knew her Savior, Jesus Christ, loved her.

I feel blessed to think on both of these wonderful women today, and to share them with each of you. Is there anyone special your family celebrates or honors this week?

Here’s to each of them, and the lessons we learn at their side.

❤ Jenny

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