Monday Mention: Cedar City, Utah— The Pizza Cart

Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.

Dorothy Day

I mentioned in a recent Wednesday Walk Along that the girls and I spent a decidedly-pampered two days celebrating my mom’s birthday (shopping, applying face masks, and talking all about the boys, of course). We stayed the night in Cedar City, Utah, and I was chomping at the bit to introduce my family to this restaurant while there. Alas, I’m home now, salivating until the next time I pass through, and I thought I would include you in the loop. As long as it’s on my mind.

Cedar City is famous for the Utah Shakespeare Festival, which runs from June 27 to October 12 this year. For those of you who love Shakespeare, or any playacting really, this festival is a must see. My husband and I saw Henry IV here once, and I laughed the entire way through (Falstaff, people. I can’t get enough). Not only was the acting incredible, but the staff sells the ambience entirely, with the architecture, the cute little shops, the type of food offered, the music… It’s a wonderful experience.

Zion National Park is also only a little over an hour away:

So, if you happen to be in the area, please, let me recommend the dinner venue. You can thank me later.

The Pizza Cart: Wood Fired Pizza

Let me start by saying this is not a paid ad or sponsorship. I simply, unequivocally love their food, and it is relatively low-cost, which is huge in the Furse household.

Find this photo and more of The Pizza Cart story here.

They make all of their pizzas from scratch in this exceptional, wood-fire pizza oven, which the owners, Jason and Cindy Murray, built themselves, along with family and friends, after outgrowing the food truck they started back in 2009.

Each pizza costs anywhere from $8-11 dollars, technically for a personal-sized pizza, but Joe and I usually share one between the two of us. The “made-from-scratch” quality really shines through in the dough, which tastes fresh and crisp, but is also perfectly fold-able! The sauce is full of flavor, with hints of my grandpa’s tomato garden and a good-quality olive oil. My favorite pizza is the Margheroni (blasphemous, I know), where a traditional Margherita pizza (tomatoes, fresh basil, and real mozzarella cheese), plus pepperoni, equals a filling, heavenly combination.

You will find the star of the show, however, at the mouth-watering gelato counter.

Did I mention I was salivating, hoping to return? This is why. I haven’t been on the blogging scene long, but for those of you who know me, ice cream is my forte. I could write an entire book on ice cream. Honest. I have tried ice cream and gelato from every brand in the local grocery store, several food chains, and a few hole-in-the-wall places nearby, or out traveling. Is it creamy or grainy? Fresh or artificial? Thick or milky? Proper quantities of vanilla? Too much butter fat? Unnaturally sweet? Not a deep enough chocolate? Flavorless mix-ins? I could go on, but I digress. The point is— of every ice cream I have ever tasted, this is the best.

My absolute favorite flavor to order here is the chocolate hazelnut, followed by the pistachio. I usually get them in a double-scoop together (or, truthfully, in a take-home pint). I can’t quite explain and do it justice, but I swear the flavor derives from the actual pistachio and hazelnut, not from an extract. Meanwhile, the chocolate base is a happy medium for those who like it rich, but not too dark; although, personally, I could go darker. The gelato, too, is not merely ice cream postured as gelato, but has the rich, creamy, smooth taste a gelato should have. The only texture comes from the various mix-ins and finely-blended nuts, not from intermittent sugar crystals. They also have a cheerfully fresh blueberry lime flavor for those of you who enjoy your frozen treats more on the fruity side. It’s incredible.

So stop by and check it out. Do you love it? I can’t wait to hear.

Until then, here’s to more food that touches our souls, and to making those indulgences count.

❤ Jenny

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