Monday Mention: Cut the Fat Podcast

One of the key determinants of who will and will not be successful in achieving their weight loss goals is the person’s ability to tolerate change in behavior without an outward result on the scale. Stay the course, and it will happen. It can’t not happen.

Ray Hinish and Blythe Wagner

One of my favorite podcasts about guilt-free lifestyle change is the Cut the Fat Podcast with Ray Hinish and Blythe Wagner. Today, I want to introduce one episode in particular that completely changed the way I think about weight loss— Episode 97: The 10 Commandments of Permanent Fat Loss— along with the “commandment” that most stood out to me. Feel free to check out the rest when you get a chance.

Commandment # 1: Thou shalt focus on changing behavior (not only on losing weight).

I may as well admit I have commitment issues when it comes to healthy eating. Ray and Blythe like to say, there are only two reasons for failing to reach your fat loss goals: either your program needs improvement, or your follow-up needs improvement. I think a little of both apply to me.

A typical diet of mine goes something like this:

  • Develop a great plan that I feel is achievable (generally whole foods, quality carbs, lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, etc…).
  • Find healthy snacks and substitutes I enjoy to fill the refined sugar void.
  • Keep at it for a grueling 4-7 days.
  • Decide that the change on the scale is significant enough to warrant a respite, or, alternatively, is not significant enough to justify the effort.
  • Determine to do better tomorrow (which has yet to arrive).

Do you ever struggle with this? It’s why I no longer believe in dieting, or hunting for a short term fix. I want to change my lifestyle for the better, and that has nothing to do with the number on the scale. The number one thing I’ve learned this year in regard to weight and body image is: focus on developing healthy behaviors, both physically and psychologically, and the rest will take care of itself. It’s been such a breakthrough for me.

You define your health.

In fact, I recently sat down and made a list of goals— my goals, not goals pre-determined by the latest expert or trend. You’d be surprised how different the two look, and how much more achievable change is when intrinsically motivated. It’s like removing the “second” you from the equation. There is no “good” you, “bad” you, but rather, a shuffling of priorities, and that is something only you can decide for yourself. You and your Creator know your body— and your heart— better than anyone else.

Healthy habits and a healthy body looks different for everyone, but be patient. It can’t not happen.

Here’s to more faith in our goals and in ourselves.

❤ Jenny

4 thoughts on “Monday Mention: Cut the Fat Podcast

    1. It is definitely difficult. You just have to start slow wherever you are at and be compassionate with yourself 😊 You might appreciate this podcast. They are very motivating, while helping you to feel capable rather than guilty.

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