Monday Mention: Brett and Paige Hoping 2 Adopt

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin shared a piece of her heart on her page, Brett and Paige Hoping 2 Adopt:

I have never been a patient person. Especially when I can’t see the end in sight. Prayer and Faith have been so important on this 3 1/2 year journey. I’m lucky to have Brett to keep me a little sane! If any of you believe in the power of prayer, we would love it if you threw some good thoughts our way! #prayer #faith #godstiming #trustinHim

Her sweet request moved me, and, for what little difference it might make, I wanted to give them a special shout-out.

About Brett and Paige

Brett and Paige met in Junior High School (as teenagers). Brett would tell you it was love at first sight; Paige eventually came around! They were married some years later, on May 28th, 2008.

They have two children, Brynna and Aidyn. You can find them enjoying science and conducting “ausome” experiments (that you can try at home!) on YouTube at: Ausome Aidyn TV. Per Aidyn:

I am ‘Au-some’ because I have Autism and I love science.

Brett and Paige have a couple of other special things in common— adoption, and a connection to the African American community. As they put it:

We are lucky to have trans-racial family on both sides. If we are blessed enough to be placed with an African American baby, your baby will be exposed to African American culture, and we are excited to teach them about their heritage.

More than that, these are some of the sweetest people I know. Paige’s parents (my aunt and uncle) have four daughters, and always have family over. I remember many impromptu barbecues, flips on the trampoline, sharing music together, and getting tricked with playing cards 😂.

It is a house full of love where everyone is welcome.

So, if you know of anyone, please help them be someone else’s miracle, because, in the words of Joyce Maguire Pavao:

Adoption is not about finding children for families; it’s about finding families for children.

And this family is a great one.

You can learn more and ask any questions via their Adoption Profile:

Here’s to heartfelt prayers and God’s timing.

❤ Jenny

13 thoughts on “Monday Mention: Brett and Paige Hoping 2 Adopt

  1. I pray God’s perfect timing, and for the child(ren) that He has destined to be in this sweet family. I also pray there will be more parents with a heart to expand their family love reach through adoption. Blessings to you guys and Brett & Paige ♥♥

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  2. Jenny, I found much peace from your the words “Adoption is not about finding children for families; it’s about finding families for children.” My stepdaughter and her husband recently adopted a 10-year old girl who had been in their care as foster parents. Most certainly, this young girl needed a family, and God found a way. It is one of “God’s Miracles.”

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    1. That’s so incredible for them, what a tender mercy ❤️. I think that’s just it. God loves His little ones and wants them taken care of. He will move mountains accordingly. Thank you for sharing a piece of your family’s story, and for stopping by. God bless!

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  3. Ohh I personally know a couple of my friends who have gone through this process. It’s very hard when you are in it but so worth it when the first time you hold your baby. Paige and Brett will be in my prayers. 💕

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