Wednesday Walk Along: What Does “Healthy” Mean to You?

A healthy outside starts from the inside.

Robert Urich

Morning, everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Today, on assignment from my dietitian, I am trying to define what “healthy” means for me. I was asked to make a pie chart, so here goes:

As a chronic dieter, this is a big change from what I would have told you a couple of months ago. But I’ve been working to make peace with food and with myself. I want to listen to and trust my body and my spirit, rather than rely on external sources.

But I’m not perfect at it. It’s difficult to find the right balance between apathy (not taking care of my body) and obsession (not taking care of my mental health and living with self-compassion). Along the way, I’m grateful for grace, and try to look at my hangups as learning experiences. It’s a work in progress!

How about you?

You make physical, emotional, and cognitive deposits/withdrawals each day — from your self-talk, coping skills, and the food you eat — to the energy you expend and the talents you utilize. The important thing is to be aware of these exchanges.

  • Are they in line with your mission and your purpose? With your identity as a son or daughter of God?
  • Do you give yourself grace and understanding for your limitations?
  • What story do you tell yourself about your body? Do you choose joy? Confidence? Gratitude? Distaste?
  • How can you best honor and respect this special gift?

Healthy living can have so many connotations, but the great thing is: you get to decide.

What does healthy mean for you?

Here’s to taking back the reins.

❤ Jenny

19 thoughts on “Wednesday Walk Along: What Does “Healthy” Mean to You?

    1. Yes! It’s so hard.

      My dietitian told me last night, the key is using self awareness to pay attention to both our self-talk AND to listen to/connect with our bodies. So that it ends up not being a list of restricted foods that lead to feeling deprived and lacking compassion – but, if we are truly listening to and connecting with our bodies we will realize how certain amounts of certain foods make us feel and also notice cravings for nutrients we are missing, to add more variety.

      Now I just have to put it into practice… Haha.

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  1. Healthy for me…feeling at peace in my soul, not deliberately setting out to hurt others, eating mostly healthy, some physical activity, being a support for others…as well as being supported when I need it. When I lay down at night I ask the Holy Spirit to convict me of wrongs and repent.

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  2. Love this. It’s important for one to properly define “healthy” in relation to one’s self. Because what my body would tolerate, someone else might not be able to.

    And healthy goes to what we feed our minds with and soul with. If we feed our mind with lots of insecurities, it effects our outward (body) – that is why we have impulse or excess eating etc.

    Balance is key!.

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    1. Love it 🙌. I completely agree, it’s so individual and all about balance. And knowing that our minds, souls, and bodies are so closely entertwined! Thank you for sharing ❤️.


  3. When I think of being healthy I think of physical health. I rarely think of my mental health. It’s like I separate the two for some reason. I think that it’s important to have a balance, but it is so difficult to do!

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  4. Hmm this is thought provoking. You know what healthy is but pinning it down to what it means to you is pretty interesting.

    I think to me it means to find happiness emotionally physically and mentally. Things and activities which release endorphin in my body generally do the trick. There are plenty but to quote a few will be lots of water, working out, dancing etc. dieting actually never worked for me because that usually puts my body through more stress. 🤷‍♀️

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    1. Yes! Getting in each of those aspects- emotional, physical, and mental is so important. And all great tips, Pallavi! I need to work on getting more water 😅. God bless, thank you for stopping by!

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