Monday Mention: THIS is Legit Motherhood

You don’t have to be suicidal to get help. You don’t have to be bed-ridden, sobbing every day to get help. If you are there, you can get help, but on a smaller scale, too. It’s okay to need to talk to your doctor, to need to go to therapy, to need to take a break just for the small things.

Jane Selman

In preparing for our podcast, I have found a treasure-trove of new friends, and Haili is one of them. THIS is Legit Motherhood is a beautiful podcast dedicated to:

Real and raw motherhood. This podcast will open up the world of motherhood to those who are soon to be moms, new moms, and even seasoned moms to all the things that make motherhood hard and chaotic, but also the freakin’ awesome and beautiful parts of it too.

I listened to my first episode a couple of weeks ago β€” Episode 17: The Powerful Light in the Darkness of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety β€” and I cried my eyes out.

You guys. It was so good, so beautiful and vulnerable. I 100% related to:

  1. Feeling like my struggles weren’t “bad enough” to seek or deserve help.
  2. Just white-knuckling my way through and not recognizing all of the signs.
  3. Recognizing a desperate need for improved awareness, compassion, and education in our mental healthcare system in general, and legitimately fearing to ask for help because of this.

If you are a mama or know a mama who can relate, I know you will be touched by Haili and her guest’s story.

Here’s to reaching out to our friends who might be in a similar place!

❀ Jenny

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