Monday Mention: Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection (CRIC)

Before Joe and I moved from where we attended college, we volunteered with an organization called the Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection (CRIC).

I can’t participate as much now that I live several hours away, but I am still on their email list, and I found this great t-shirt they are selling for a fundraiser!

It says “community” in: Arabic, Spanish, Tigrinya, Somali, Karen, and English. The $25 cost goes to support CRIC’s mission, which I would like to elaborate on with a direct quote from the email:

Cities and towns across the U.S. are at a critical crossroads as anti-refugee and immigrant rhetoric and policies threaten the livelihood of people who are trying to build a new and safer life in the U.S. As the current administration is now pressing to slash refugee arrivals to zero in 2020, there has never been more urgency than now to create welcoming communities for our refugee and immigrant neighbors.

If this cause means something to you, here are a few ways you can help:

#1: Speaking Up

The shirt is a great way to do that! β€” To start a conversation. Just remember, more than spreading politically-directed anger, it helps to share stories of why this matters to you, and spread love from your heart that you hope other people will pick up on.

#2: Look Locally

You can also look for organizations doing work like this nearby where you live! It helps to see, up close and personal, what your time and/or money is helping to achieve.

#3: Other Ways You Can Help CRIC Directly

  • They’ve created the following video to share if you decide to open a simple campaign on social media or give a shout-out.
  • We personally donate through Amazon Smile, which is a FANTASTIC resource for any of you Prime shoppers out there! You can pick from a number of other charitable donations as well.
  • You can also read more and donate directly via their website here.

Thanks for reading!

Here’s to the blessing of a safe, warm home, and helping to extend that wherever we are able.

❀ Jenny

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