Wednesday Walk Along: Sunshine Blogger Award

Today I want to thank Dawn of Drawing Closer to Christ for nominating me to receive a Sunshine Blogger Award! I am sorry I’m so late to the game, Dawn. If you haven’t met or been inspired by Dawn yet, you have only to visit her blog and you will see what a truly faithful encourager she is. Her recent post on Finding Rest was particularly needful and uplifting.

Due to timing, I won’t be able to pass this tag on today, but I wanted to honor Dawn and answer her questions for my walk-along today.

  1. Road trips or flight; which do you prefer? Flying by myself. Road trips with kids πŸ˜‚.
  2. How loyal are you? Very, but I’m loyal to my principles as well, so I like to be around people who make me better.
  3. Are friends or family the people who influence your life more? Family.
  4. You have been shipwrecked. It’s only you and one other survivor. What do you do to occupy your time as there are no books or electronics? Swim! Work to survive.
  5. What is your favorite animal? Share a picture. (See below!)
  6. Do you enjoy walks in nature? Yes!
  7. Do you enjoy camping? Yes! But I hate bugs. I just come uber-prepared and squeal a lot πŸ˜‚.
  8. Would you prefer to live by the sea or in the mountains? Mountains.
  9. Considering the the times we live in, if your family member or friend told you they feel they are gay, what would your reaction be? How would you handle it? I like Beverley’s idea of seeking the help of a qualified counselor. At the end of the day, I believe marriage is eternally designed by God to take place between a man and a woman, but Jesus also taught we can love one another while not condoning each other’s sins and mistakes. I have many friends I practice this with when our beliefs differ. Galations 5:6 also comes to mind: “For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.” Sometimes it isn’t about the thing that feels like such a big deal at the time. Even bigger than who is right and not right, “faith which worketh by love” in our hearts, along with using the word of God to share His love, has wrought more change than anything I know of.
  10. If you caught your family member watching pornography how would you handle the situation? What would you say to them? I would pray. I would also seek out therapy for myself and our family. I heard on a podcast once that pornography is designed such that when one spouse commits this offense, and the other withholds intimacy, it deepens the hold pornography can have in your home, decreases connection, and fuels a cycle that is very difficult to get out of. We couldn’t get through it alone. If it were my kids, I would take the route of education and communication, which I believe are paramount. I never really got “the talk”, and I plan on having multiple talks with my kids. Hopefully that will help them feel like they can come to me, and also give them understanding about what they are experiencing so that they can be equipped to “Turn, Run, and Tell”. Some of the books I have on our wish list are: Good Pictures Bad Pictures, Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr., 30 Days of Sex Talks (which they have for different ages) and How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography.
  11. What is your favorite color? Pink!

For anyone who wants, I would love to hear your answers to questions 9 & 10 in the comments.

Here’s to getting know one another better and supporting each other through some of those truly difficult things as well. And here’s to Dawn for these amazing questions!

❀ Jenny

28 thoughts on “Wednesday Walk Along: Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for participating Jenny! Cool video! I like animal documentaries too. Your answers to 9 and 10 are excellent. It was great getting to know you a little better. πŸ€—πŸ’•

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      1. You’re welcome! I’m thankful we are connected too my friend. Thanks also for your kind words about my blog and for sharing my post. πŸ€—β€οΈ

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  2. (I’ll probably put this quote in my story eventually… it happened around 1998-99, I think)

    One time I was home for Christmas, during the time Mark was in high school. Mark got home from basketball practice with a Sharpie fake tattoo on his bicep of a polar bear, with “Polar Bear!” in fancy writing underneath. I asked Mom, Why does Mark have a fake tattoo of a polar bear? Mom said that was his nickname among his teammates. I asked, Why does the basketball team call Mark Polar Bear? Dad laughed and said, Because he’s big and white!

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      1. Wait… I was just thinking about this… I just remembered something polar bear related that happened during the summer I spent in Oregon, which was 1997, and given the context, I must have already known at that time that Mark’s teammates called him Polar Bear. So it must have been Christmas 1996 when that happened, which would have been Mark’s freshman year of high school. I’ll make a note of that πŸ™‚

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  3. I love your answers for questions 9 and 10. And you exhibit 9 very well even on here.
    I will love all regardless of what they believe or do and will also have open communication with my kids so things like that can be discussed and probably handled.

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