Monday Mention: Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Does anyone else remember Colbie Caillat? She was my jam in high school ♫♪. And so when I saw she was being interviewed on Cathy Heller’s podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, I had to listen.

It’s not a podcast I usually frequent, but I’m converted — because just two weeks later there was an incredible interview for entrepreneurs from Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran! And, fun fact for you guys: that’s my favorite TV show.

So, here are two great episodes, and my personal takeaways. Feel free to check out the link for Cathy’s own takeaways as well (she has a super useful bullet point recap at the end of each of her episodes, and in her show notes!)

Must Hear Conversation with Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeves

  1. The whole interview literally felt like a hug. The message being: YOU ARE ENOUGH.
  2. Did you know Colbie Caillat tried out for American Idol with Bubbly and was rejected? So listen to your trusted peeps, but don’t be afraid to go after your dreams amid less than enthusiastic reception!
  3. Nail down your WHY for whatever that dream is. It will give you strength and roots for when things get difficult, and they will.

Barbara Corcoran’s Stellar Advice on How to Grow a Successful Business

  1. Don’t wait to be perfect to put something out there! You learn as you go.
  2. Continually be adapting and tailoring things. Expect and even embrace change.
  3. Just like with parenting, in business it’s all about relationships. Be genuine. Develop meaningful relationships with your consumers.

Here’s to no dream being too big!

❤ Jenny

7 thoughts on “Monday Mention: Don’t Keep Your Day Job

  1. Change is good!. It can be unexpected and so not the picture we anticipated – but for our good!. A greater good!.

    Yes knowing the “why” is key. For me, it helps me a lot when I am feeling drained and stuck (when it’s not working as I expected). So our why with God’s words for us goes a long way!

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