Wednesday Walk Along: Chasing Dreams and Throwing Leaves

A couple of weekends ago, Joe put on a VEX Robotics competition for his school! He has been working really hard to bring VEX to where we live, and this was the first of many.

Actually, he wrote his dissertation on the effect VEX participation has on the self-efficacy of students in STEM fields. So it was very fitting that he got to be a part of making it happen here.

When he got home after a long weekend of being busy and away from the kids and I, he apologized for being gone so much. It was then that I realized I AM SO PROUD OF HIM for doing work that fulfills him. This is only the tip of the iceberg, but, sometimes, I need to be willing to give him that space.

And I’m not always good at it. Which is probably why he felt the need to check in ðŸ˜‚. But he ALWAYS supports me, and part of loving him means freeing him up to chase his dreams.

I think the key is just being able to communicate my needs and feelings in a healthy way, and having clear discussions rather than unmet expectations and resentment. And I’m sure glad he’s patient with me while I figure all of that out.

The kids and I also ended up outside in the schoolyard, playing with all of the leaves. So here are a few pictures to catch you up on our recent adventures 😊.

Here’s to chasing our dreams, and helping the people we love do the same!

❤ Jenny

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