5 Questions to Help You Rediscover Who You Are/ Begin the Identity Journey

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Show Notes:

Today we introduce ourselves and the heart behind “Of Progress and Purpose”.

We also talk about why identity matters:

  • The secret to not worrying about what other people think of you is to know who you are!
  • Knowing who you are and what is important to you is essential for living intentionally.
  • Living with purpose allows you to be an agent for good in your own sphere of influence.

And give you five questions to help you start exploring, owning, & loving who you are:

  1. What is your faith?
  2. How can you live with more intention?
  3. How do you confidently show up as your true self?
  4. Who is your support system and how do you build genuine community?
  5. What is resiliency and how can you get some?

You do NOT have to answer any of these immediately. We share some personal tips from our journey, but even we don’t have these completely figured out. It is a lifelong process. I promise you can get to a place where you don’t feel lost, you may already be there and that’s huge, but this is going to take time, and that’s okay.

Episode One-Liner: Being intentional about your purpose and identity starts with putting in the thought work.

Episode Action Item: Keep a record of the thought work you are doing in whatever medium you prefer. A less overwhelming prompt could be — How do you feel about yourself and your circumstances right now, and how would you like to feel about them one year from now? (Not how would you like your circumstances to change, but how would you like to feel about them?)

Spread love!

❤ Jenny


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