The 5 “G”s of Trusting Your Enoughness

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Show Notes:

I’ve been thinking about how the identity journey can sometimes feel so overwhelming, especially after a difficult period in your life. But we want to leave you feeling empowered

Which leads us to the 5 “G”s of trusting your enoughness:

  1. You were given life.
  2. You are uniquely gifted.
  3. We are all going to have growing pains.
  4. You don’t have to be perfect in order to be grateful.
  5. And, along the way, it’s important to give yourself grace.

Episode One-Liner: You are already enough. Trust that.

Episode Action Item: Begin to label your negative self-talk. You don’t have to change it right away. It’s okay to sit with our feelings, but recognize where there is bad, there is also good, and every time you have a negative thought, tell yourself that you are enough.

Spread love!

❤ Jenny


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