4 Ways Social Media Impacts Your Identity (Part 1)

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Show Notes:

Social media has a HUGE impact on your identity, but β€” surprisingly β€” it’s not inherently good or bad. It’s all about using it intentionally. Today, we talk about the first two things that, when spotted, can help you get the most out of your own experience with social media.

  1. Your Digital versus Physical Community
  2. Jealousy and Dissatisfaction versus Gratitude (this is where we address the problem of comparison!!)

Episode One-Liner: Social media is what you make of it; so what are you making of it?

Episode Action Item: Take an honest inventory of that question, and put boundaries in place to do what is right for you:

  • Maybe that’s tweaking how you share or what you share,
  • Or going through who you follow.
  • Maybe it’s a fast, a schedule, a timer…
  • Maybe it’s a specific place or time you keep social media free – like the kitchen table or your bedroom or your kids’ bedtimes (which we’ll talk about more next week).
  • Maybe it’s meeting more needs in your physical community and challenging yourself to make friends (which is mine currently).
  • Maybe it’s setting goals that you need to set to equip you to compare yourself to yourself.
  • Maybe it’s being more conscious about supporting your friends offline as well as online.

Whatever that looks like, be honest with yourself, and listen for what is right for you.


11 thoughts on “4 Ways Social Media Impacts Your Identity (Part 1)

  1. You are right! For example just like a butter knife could be used to spread butter, it can be used to kill someone as well! How we use, what we are using is so important to note.

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