5 Steps to Help You Transition Out of Survival Mode with Small Wins

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Show Notes:

This month we are talking about: resilience!! (My favorite topic 😂)

In today’s episode, I re-purposed my article about The Importance of Small Wins in order to show you how small wins can really re-shape the beliefs you have about yourself, and, hopefully, help you transition from survival mode — to gentle action.

The 5 Steps Are:

  1. Let go of All-or-Nothing Thinking.
  2. What story are you telling yourself?
  3. Become a believer in vectoring, and start to re-shape negative beliefs.
  4. Develop micro-habits.
  5. Focus on what you are doing right.

Episode One-Liner: The best version of change and action comes from a place of love. A.K.A. – Give yourself grace.

Episode Action Item: Choose one or two overwhelming goals (something that you feel like you’ve been stuck in the mud with) and go through these steps. 1. Let go of the “all”. 2. Determine your belief behind the “all”. 3. Develop a belief, founded in self-compassion, that is going to serve you. 4. Determine what micro-habit you want to focus on & feel like you can be consistent with. 5. Celebrate your small successes.


9 thoughts on “5 Steps to Help You Transition Out of Survival Mode with Small Wins

    1. It’s such a tricky balance! Having a goal and a focus is so needed, but waiting for joy until the end of the journey is so hard, too, and you lose focus when you lose faith in the process. Thank you for sharing, Deborah ❤️

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