5 Brain Hacks for Sustainable Parenting

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Show Notes:

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

Today, I start us off with 25 “Momfessions”, because it’s so important to me that you don’t feel like I have all of the answers, and, most of all, that you don’t feel alone!

I also talk about 5 things I’ve learned over the last few years that make for a little less burnout, and a little more, I love my kids. The 5 brain hacks for sustainable parenting are:

  1. Asking for help doesn’t mean you lack the necessary qualifications.
  2. In fact, you are uniquely and exactly qualified.
  3. Martyrdom isn’t required;
  4. But sacrifice is.
  5. Be a safe space for your kids (It’s all about the relationship).

Episode One-Liner: Becoming a parent is an ongoing journey, but you know the right path to take, and you don’t have to take it alone.

Episode Action Item: Take a few minutes this week to pray, ponder, or journal about your calling as a parent. What one thing can you focus on to help you be your best self for the people that you love and to help you develop more resilience as a parent? What one thing can you do now to do yourself a favor in the future? Sometimes the thought work is the hardest part 😉.


9 thoughts on “5 Brain Hacks for Sustainable Parenting

  1. Another great topic and discussion. Yes martyrdom isn’t required in parenting and sacrifices shouldn’t be confused with killing oneself. seek help when needed and lend one when possible. ❤️ thank you for always practicing and encouraging mindful parenting.

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    1. Thank you for sharing, Michelle ❤️. I do the same thing. I never want to feel like an inconvenience. But the funny thing is, when other people ask me for help I don’t consider them an inconvenience at all!

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