The Secret to Finding Peace

They say a good blogger admits when they are wrong.

I must confess, the world has gotten to me, lately. I can see it in some of my posts β€” not in a blatant, or bad way, but in my focus.

Do you remember when we talked about outrage culture? About not being emotionally hi-jacked? Letting your actions do the talking?

I’ve grown so passionate in this journey of podcasting when it comes to getting educated and speaking out. More than ever before, I encounter opportunities and causes that need a voice.

They matter.

Might I suggest a few other things that matter as well? Such as platform? Grace? Stepping into someone else’s shoes? Avoiding assumptions? Getting to know the whole story behind why someone believes what they believe?

And, deeply impressed upon my heart today, peace?

Peace in a world full of chaos and competing voices.

Peace because it heals our souls.

Peace in the opportunity that we have to stand as witnesses of what Jesus’ Gospel can do for the weary and down-trodden.

Peace in letting go of circumstances that we can’t control.

Peace in grieving together.

Peace because, without opposition, we could not experience the fullness of joy that a loving Father in Heaven has in store for us.

Peace and a sense of enoughness, and gratitude, rather than scarcity.

Peace in lending a hand to our neighbors when we can.

Peace because we trust in our divine identities and capabilities.

Peace in the knowledge of a bigger plan.

The Secret to Finding Peace

So, are you ready for the secret to putting this kind of peace into practice in your own life?

The answer lies in one simple question:

Every day, intentionally put your energy where it matters most.

Your physical energy:

Remember, no one can do it all, and small wins are everything. If you feel your physical energy spread thin β€” just pick one thing at a time.

Choosing one thing means not choosing another. This means something will always get left behind. But when you make the right decision for you, I promise you will feel so much peace.

Your mental and emotional energy:

Recently, I listened to an interview on the Real Connections Podcast with Carolynn Morris of Orange Soul. She said something I absolutely LOVED: “Your mental space is sacred, so, what are you letting in?”

Guard your mental and emotional energy like you guard your heart, friends. The more you learn to label and question your negative thoughts, the more you will be able to reframe them.

And, as you learn to read your emotional bandwidth, you will be better equipped to hone in on what will make the most difference for you and those around you. We all just lift where we stand.

Your spiritual energy:

This could be an article in and of itself, but what I will say is this: let go of cultural “should”s, and replace them with a prayer in your heart.

You will be guided to know when to show love, when to wax bold, when to volunteer your service, when to focus on your family, and when to fill your own tank. To everything there is a season.

Your social energy:

Sharing the things that weigh heavy on your heart or offering a listening ear to someone you love and trust can be so healing. It also helps to limit the external voices you take in to the ones that spark the most joy. Of course, love everyone!! ( #wwjd ) But you have the right to guard your space, too.

I hope that helps!

As overwhelming as it can be to filter through the to-do list, the local news, world issues, politics, religion, parenting advice, and more… remember β€” just ask yourself one question for more peace: what needs your energy MOST today?

Here’s to being peacemakers.

❀ Jenny

26 thoughts on “The Secret to Finding Peace

  1. As I read your post, I thought of Matthew 5:9 NLT, β€œGod blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.” We live in a busy world and it can get overwhelming. Thanks for the valuable advice to choose peace by asking ourselves, β€œWhat needs our energy most today?”

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