Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story — Three Lessons from Disney’s Hercules

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Show Notes:

Good morning, friends!

Today, Joe and I finish off Season 1 of the podcast, and it is definitely bittersweet to think about taking a break!

I hope we leave you feeling a little lighter on your feet, and a little more rooted in who you are.

So, we really tried to leave you with the best we have today. We share three lessons from Disney’s Hercules:

  1. Cultivate trust with your inner voice, and live trustworthy of that.
  2. You can go the distance, even in uncertain times.
  3. There is always a way back.

We talk about imposter syndrome, finding your purpose, learning how to fail, and becoming the person you hope to become.

Episode One-Liner: Finding your true purpose isn’t about the size of your strength, but the strength of your heart.

Episode Action Item: Take some time today to write down the things that matter most to you. If it would help you to get more specific, you can go back to the questions and prompts we asked in our very first episode.

Thank you so much for everything, friends. Your comments and messages mean so much to us. This community is such a force for good, and that’s all because of you ❤ Sending hugs and prayers.

❤ Joe and Jenny


3 thoughts on “Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story — Three Lessons from Disney’s Hercules

  1. Great post . I can see from your post that Hercules was also on your mind! I just uploaded an article on my website titled “From Zero to Hero – The Myth of Hercules’ - . Feel free to check it out! You will also find in the article a musical interlude provided by my youngest daughter who is narrating (rather singing) the story of Hercules.

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