Dear Diary: A Birthday, A Miracle, & Hope For A Lost Cause

Dear Diary,

Today is such a special day! Two years ago today I gave birth to the happiest, kindest, sweetest, and spunkiest little guy I know.

He loves all things cars, trucks, trains, tractors, and transportation right now, but especially – firetrucks! (I can’t wait to give him his birthday gift πŸ˜‰)

Since it’s just us, I asked my husband if we can celebrate during lunch (instead of dinnertime), and we decided, why not?

We look forward to another special holiday on Sunday, and I’ve been thinking about our affirmation for the month: “I am not a lost cause.”

What better way to sum up Easter than this, friends?

Do you remember that day a few years back? When I found myself down on my knees asking, why do I keep messing up? God reminded me of a message I needed to hear – the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

You are not a lost cause.

He spoke peace to my soul in a moment that I will never forget.

And not only Lazarus! Jesus, too, rose from the dead, proclaiming that none of us is a lost cause.

Here is to the hope we find in Him.

❀ Jenny

24 thoughts on “Dear Diary: A Birthday, A Miracle, & Hope For A Lost Cause

  1. Oh, Jenny, thank you for this beautifully encouraging word! Your son is adorable! I’m sure your time together was precious. I was so glad to see your name before me today; (though I follow your blog, it seems your posts don’t show up in my feed??) Anyway, God bless you guys, and know what a joy it is to read your inspirational words. β™₯β™₯

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