Dear Diary: An Adventure, New Friends, & A Favorite Samoan Meal

Dear Diary,

State parks re-opened this week, and we had more adventures to celebrate (the word “adventure” not to be taken lightly).

After 2 miles on a rough, rocky dirt road in the car (we have a Subaru which is generally adventurous, but the road was such that everyone else was using four-wheelers), a sick dog, and 3 miles left to go, we turned around and chose a new destination.

But it paid off:

(Dutch even got in the water – he couldn’t get enough!)
(Rosie loves her uncle.)

Speaking of breaking the social distancing barrier, do you want to know the funniest thing?

We’ve lived in our new (and first!) house for a year come July and just now made our first play-date friends – all thanks to quarantine.

“How?”, you ask.

My sweet little four-year-old has sat in the front yard chatting with the neighbor kids across the street for the last month and a half. We pulled out the hose when they pulled out the hose, the frisbee when they pulled out the frisbee, and the basketball when they pulled out the basketball.

She adores them.

I think the feeling might be mutual.

And I made a friend, too! Their mom is wonderful (from 6-feet away).

I entreated her for meal ideas (because we tend to use the same staples every week), and she suggested ceviche, as her and her husband are both chefs. I want to mix things up, but I must admit I am a little skeptical. She says it’s easy, can you vouch?

In the Furse home, we eat a lot of spaghetti, salmon (cooked), shepherd’s pie, stir fry, soup, and taco salad.

Tonight, however, we’ve planned a traditional Polynesian meal with some corned beef we received as a gift from my brother:

(This is the kind you want)

The meal is similar to a stir fry, but with heavier flavors (corned beef is heavy and rich). You saute an onion, bok choy or spinach to taste, and a green pepper, then add tomatoes (diced, sliced, or cherry) and the corned beef, heat through, and serve over rice. We call it Pisupo (in Samoan).

My kids love anything with rice. They say, when trying new foods, it’s important to include something familiar. Maybe I will do the same if I ever brave ceviche.

Here’s to new experiences!

❀ Jenny

P.S. – How is everyone else feeling about social distancing these days? We are still being careful, working from home, and staying outdoors or with family when we leave the house, but dine-in restaurants opened up this week in our area and I’m on the fence about braving it. I hope everyone is doing well.

22 thoughts on “Dear Diary: An Adventure, New Friends, & A Favorite Samoan Meal

  1. Looks like you had a very fun day at the park! Great pictures! Oklahoma re-opened May 1. I’m by no means back into full swing, but I do hope and I am praying after two weeks that our numbers stay down. I think after mid-May I will be more comfortable with going into places other than the grocery store!

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  2. Your recipe sounds amazing! I found your blog through Greg Dennison. In Virginia, we’re under stay-at-home until at least next week. It was extended another week – The original plan was to begin re-opening on May 8th. Honestly, having been home since March 18th, I’m used to social distancing now. I’ve gotten closer to my husband. We’ve enjoyed the extra time with our dogs. I miss hugs, I miss gatherings, I miss going to the movies. But, we’re healthy and safe. And our families are safe.

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    1. Greg is a wonderful blogging friend πŸ™‚ Wow! That is a long time! I am glad you are enjoying some of the benefits at least. We have a dog, too! She is a shelter dog and we sure do love her. What kind of dogs do you have?


  3. Smiles. Glad you made new friends and the adventure turned out great. 😊
    It’s good over here. There has been a relax in movement in some states but mine hasn’t just yet. But above all it’s been productive.

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad things are going well for you, too. I haven’t yet braved eating out, but we are still getting takeout πŸ˜‰ God bless you, friend. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you!

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  4. This staying at home is something. But I’m thankful that I can go on my deck and enjoy the summer fun. I live right on the beach!!!!!! I’m glad it’s summertime finally.

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