Dear Diary: Summer Vacation, Social Media & Dave Ramsey

Dear Diary,

It’s been a while! The internet and I had a falling out.

And I didn’t mind 🀣.

First things first, the highlight of my summer happened after coronavirus cancelled our family trip to Disneyland.

Much to his chagrin (heavy on the sarcasm), I asked my sweetheart to spend our ticket money on camping gear instead. And, being the incredible husband that he is, Joe planned a vacation that surpassed my wildest expectations.

It was better than Disneyland by leaps and bounds. If you know me at all, that is HUGE. But I couldn’t have loved it more:

Bryce Canyon National Park

It was absolutely magical.

Though, I returned with an internal battle regarding social media…

I honestly enjoyed being away from all of the polarization and judgment.

If it weren’t for the podcast, I think I would get off of Instagram again. For now, I have simply made a conscious decision to do better at sticking to my timers – plus – efficient use of my podcast-related time, true connection, and no mindless scrolling.

Wish me luck!

I think I’ve just realized that there is such a thing as “emotional energy”. I want to spend mine making a difference in my home, in the way I raise my kids, in my neighborhood, and in changing myself for the better. Not investing it in circular arguments online that don’t look past the surface.

In other news, you know that old-school couple in the grocery store that still pays with cash out of an envelope?

That’s us.

We’ve been following the Dave Ramsey envelope and debt-snowball methods since early on in our marriage. We still have a lot of debt to go (mostly student loans), but it’s nice to start making a dent here and there.

Speaking of student loans! I grew up always being taught by society at large that student loans are an “acceptable” form of debt.

FALSE!!!! Don’t buy into it, friends.

I’m not saying they are right or wrong, necessarily. But, 7 years and $40,000+ later, I’m here to tell you that it is still debt that you are going to have to pay back someday. So, just be wise about it.

All in all, we have felt extremely blessed with my husband’s job, and worry and pray for so many who have been financially affected at such an uncertain time. I do know that God is good, and I hope that I can be an instrument in whatever plans He has in store.

Here’s to a greater purpose.

❀ Jenny & Joe

13 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Summer Vacation, Social Media & Dave Ramsey

  1. I know… I’ve been thinking a lot about people I might need to unfollow on social media. It’s hard, because I remember what it’s like to have no friends, but when someone I haven’t seen or talked to in years is constantly posting angry condescending political stuff, maybe it’s time to let go.

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