Dear Diary: A Fire, A Dead End? and Some Nature Q&A

Dear Diary,

This week, Joe was able to carpool to work and leave us the car!

I decided to take the kids on an adventure to celebrate – only our first destination sported quite the nerve-wracking fire:

(The canyon we planned to visit was just to the right of this peak.)

We opted for a 2-mile hike to a creek not too far away, but far enough! 🔥 After a hot, unplanned hike, the creek was dry! (But still gorgeous).

I asked the kids to give me their best tired faces, and this pretty much says it all:

Several times, I offered the option to stop and picnic earlier, but they were determined to make it to our destination. We were all disappointed there was no water to play in, but is it really a dead-end when they were so proud that they made it anyway?

We were also hoping you could help us identify this plant:

And this beetle, that we saw along the way:

Here’s to unplanned adventures!

❤ Jenny

18 thoughts on “Dear Diary: A Fire, A Dead End? and Some Nature Q&A

  1. You can see blue sky, so that fire is a lot less scary than the 300 fires burning simultaneously here, with more to come next week. It’s like God is pulling a Sodom and Gomorrah on us, probably for the same reason.

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  2. Your kids would love the book, “Curious George Goes Camping”, where George sees a spot fire and extinguishes it during a camping trip.
    Here in our city, in Northern CA our air quality improved from “hazardous” to just “very unhealthy”… hmmm 🤔
    I’m looking forward to seeing blue sky and the sun again!

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      1. We lucky to have lots of open space around us as well. The air quality is from the now over 300 wildfires in CA.

        Hiking with little ones is always an adventure! I’m glad you and yours got to have a fun day together! The hike you took looks beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend! ❤️

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    1. It looks like you’re not that far from me, although I don’t usually say my exact location on WordPress, because my blog is a continuing story based on my own past and I try to keep things as anonymous as possible (although I’ve had at least one stranger find my blog and recognize the location I was writing about even though all the names are changed – it’s not hard to do if you are familiar with the area or willing to do a little Googling).

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      1. Understandable. My main reason for keeping my stories anonymous is because some of the people involved I’m still in social media contact with, and I don’t want to make things difficult in real life by revealing awkward things about them.

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  3. Looks like fun! Good job, kids, making it to your destination! I don’t think I’ve seen that kind of beetle before, at least not in those colors…

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