When Self-Care Isn’t the Answer

I finally figured out what I dislike about self-care!

When I’m doing all of the inner work… feeling great, living mindfully, and all of the stars align, self-care is this amazing added bonus.

I know how important it is – how much of a difference it makes.

Yet, after a long day of toddler meltdowns and high emotions, the dog ripping my favorite pair of pink sweats, my husband stuck at work later than expected, and no sweat for sanity because my latest injury = no running 😫…

That’s when I look at all of the motivational quotes and the pictures of people mid-meditation and I think, how nice for you. I’m glad you magically found this space in your day to pull up a chair and put on a face mask.

Right then, in that moment, I don’t want to be told that it wasn’t, in fact, magic.

That it required intentional forethought and effort.

That a mom invited a neighbor to swap kid shifts with her, or she created a habit from the ground-up, and built it into her routine so much so that, by now, the kids just know it’s mom’s time!

That it’s because of the systems in place, or the mindfulness practice, that Jane Smith down the street was able to quickly re-direct and go after it.

It’s not that it isn’t true. Or helpful.

But, so often, we jump to “fixing the problem” before we validate the feeling.

There are times and seasons for self-care and positivity, friends.

When we need it the most, it feels the most inaccessible. It isn’t (and that’s the trap), but when that anger comes up for you, or hurt, or overwhelm, try giving it some understanding first. See if it makes a difference in your self-care.

Sometimes, we learn the lessons after we get through the day, and that’s okay.

Here’s to walking authentically, falling authentically, nursing our wounds authentically, and then getting back up.

❤ Jenny

12 thoughts on “When Self-Care Isn’t the Answer

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more – gaining an understanding of how we really feel in our downtime is key. And it helps us because we are guarded on how to resolve such when next we hit such mode. ❤

    How is your injury too? Better?
    A perfect healing in Jesus’ name. 🙏

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