Be on the Podcast

I’m putting together our Season 2 Finale, friends! And I would LOVE your help.

As I was pondering about what this little community needs the most right now, I thought, I just want to laugh and cry and relate with all of you.

Because the best thing about this crazy roller-coaster ride we call #2020 (or life, really) is that we are not alone.

So. Big or small, hard or hilarious, we would love to hear YOUR #confessionsession !!

In case you haven’t had a chance to listen to our show, maybe that’s an embarrassing moment, an interesting fact about you, or how this year (or week even) has been hard/good for you.

Whatever your heart has to say, I’m going to compile your submissions into our first ever call-in episode, so that we can do just that – laugh and cry and feel seen all together.

To be on the show:

Leave a voicemail @ 435-429-1443 or email a voice memo to with your submission.

Voice submissions will close at 3PM MDT Friday 9/18/2020. If my laptop holds out with all of these power outages, we’ll air the finale on 9/22/2020.

Here’s to persevering and helping each other through. I really think, at their core, both life and people are good.

❀️ Jenny

9 thoughts on “Be on the Podcast

  1. Something embarrassing happened to me on Wednesday.
    So I had diarrhoea and decided to step out to buy medicine at a pharmacy not too close to my house. I get to the pharmacy and I feel a fart coming. I had to fart and pretend it wasn’t me because good Lord keeping it in was not a brave choice. So I let it out and trust me it was like playing truth or dare with diarrhoeaπŸ˜…. I felt embarrassed within myself though from my assessment it seemed nobody suspected meπŸ˜…πŸ’”[I was the first to cover my nose to avoid being a suspect]. Will never forget this!

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