#30: Daring Greatly in Survival Mode

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Show Notes:

Hello, friends!

Daring greatly is supposed to be empowering! But, when you feel like you can’t take one more thing and the last straw has already dropped, it’s not even within the realm of possibility.

Today, we really wanted to speak to that struggle and let you know: no matter where you are at, you are already doing amazing things.

I don’t have a detailed outline for you today, because Joe and I just winged it πŸ˜‰, but here is the list of tips I promised:

If you are in the middle of survival mode right now, you are not alone. We’re sending prayers your way, and we hope this helps. Feel free to reach out anytime.

One-Liner: When it comes to daring greatly, you are already doing it.

Journal Prompt: Our journal prompt comes from this article I recently wrote about identity. The idea is to make a list of attributes that you feel like are a big part of who you are and focus on becoming rather than doing.

❀ Jenny and Joe


10 thoughts on “#30: Daring Greatly in Survival Mode

  1. Thank you so much for some fabulous tips Jenny! There are probably times when all of us end up in “survival mode” and it’s important to remember, as you said, “following your path in life is not a linear journey.” If we can keep that in mind, it can keep us from being discouraged when we’re in one of those times.

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