A Letter from My Post-Pandemic Self

Dear 2020 Self,

How are you? Here is your gentle reminder that it’s okay to not be okay.

You’ve had some unprecedented ups and downs this year. It may surprise you, but I remember a lot of both.

I remember the day your sweet, unsuspecting 2-year-old broke the snow globe you brought home from your honeymoon. You cut your finger cleaning it up.

I remember the first time you wore a mask to the grocery store.

And when they were all out of toilet paper.

I still buy extra these days.

I remember all of the times you cried and prayed in the shower.

I remember the family vacation our sweetheart put together just for us. I never thought anything could outdo Disneyland, but he does it all of the time.

I remember how hard it was to find time for yourselves as a couple.

I treasure those nightly drives, putting the kids to sleep and talking about the things on our hearts.

I remember how you thought the days with a three-row car couldn’t come soon enough.

I remember how you worried that you couldn’t please everyone, or be an activist for all of the right things.

I remember how everyone was throwing shade.

But not everyone.

Like the gentleman who paid for your ice cream after a long day with the kids, and you wished you could have said thank you. It meant so much. (I know better than anyone: ice cream is the way to your soul.)

I remember how sharing your story got you through some really difficult times.

It still does.

Honestly, looking back, things haven’t changed dramatically.

Life is still hard, and good, just in different ways.

But I have changed.

I’m learning Where I find my peace, and how to say my piece.

I’m learning to embrace who I am.

You have so many gifts. Don’t look to someone else’s experience to find them.

Just be you.

Brave. Persistent. Empathetic. Detailed to a fault. Filled by Grace. Loud. Curvy.

Keep going. There’s a bigger picture.

I don’t have all of the answers, but I’m embracing that, too.

Maybe that’s what resilience looks like in the end.

All my love,

Your Post-Pandemic Self

Wow! I didn’t know how much I needed this exercise. If you need it, too, I’d love to read your words. You can link to this article, tag me @ofprogressandpurpose , or use the hastag: #frommypostpandemicself .

We love you all. I know it’s been crazy. I won’t discount the hard. But I’m also proud of you. Keep holding out hope.

❤ Jenny

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