I Am Anchored

My new Anchor Planner just arrived, and, because I’m a huge believer in affirmations, I’ve been thinking about what it means to be anchored.

I am anchored.

Anchored in what?

The best thing is: I get to decide.

Reflecting on this has brought me back to 2019, when I chose “intentional” as my word for the year.

I’ve been so buried in current events, all of the change 2020 has brought, and my work with the podcast, that I jumped right back into “should”s somehow.

I should be happier. I should be outraged! I should clean. I should post. I should be more outgoing.

And, I forgot the incredible joy and peace that comes from taking small daily actions filled with purpose.

I read with my kids today. I found a pocket of time for myself to write. I worked out to my favorite kickboxing video. I did my hair at 7 o’ clock at night, because I felt like it. I stepped away from Instagram.

I’m remembering that I get to choose. I create my day. I curate the life that I want to live.

Yes, sometimes plans fall through.

But values don’t.

So, I choose to anchor myself, my family, my home, and my business in resilience, transparency, Grace, and purpose.

Identity always comes back to that for me.

How about you? What are you anchored in?

❀ Jenny

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