100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 26

Each day, laptop and children permitting, I’ll share a prompt that’s been on my mind, and a few of my thoughts.

You are welcome to share your own perspective in the comments, or just journal it out!

What bridges have I burned? Do I stand by those choices?

Speaking of two-way streets, looking back, I realize that many a situation escalated from my lack of listening skills.

It’s easy to get caught up in our own big emotions, or what we want to say next.

The sad thing is, big emotions can also be a sign of vulnerability. When someone shares something they’re passionate about with you, what they really want to know is, “Can I trust you with this?”.

To which, your response will burn, or build, bridges.

You see, sincere and active listening is an asset, not a threat. When we are secure in who we are, we can confidently:

  • Focus on the speaker
  • Ask questions
  • Offer understanding
  • Be honest and sincere
  • Pro-actively determine our position
  • Set healthy boundaries &
  • Build trust

And, maybe, there are bridges that need to be burned, but, strangely, letting go of control is precisely what we need to decide that for ourselves – from a sure footing.

❤ Jenny

2 thoughts on “100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 26

  1. I agree that sometimes there are bridges that need to be burned. There are some negative people that should be cut out of our lives. I think burning a bridge in anger is never a good idea, though. Emotions can’t always be trusted. There is a Chinese proverb that says “In the midst of great joy, do not promise anyone anything. In the midst of great anger, do not answer anyone’s letter.”

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