100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 29

Each day, laptop and children permitting, I’ll share a prompt that’s been on my mind, and a few of my thoughts.

You are welcome to share your own perspective in the comments, or just journal it out!

What small daily habits do I currently practice?

Yesterday, we talked about “passive creation”.

Now that you’ve had some time to reflect, what small daily habits do you practice – or not?

How do these habits shape the person you are today?

#Confessionsession Time!

One habit that I have is to go back to sleep after my husband leaves for work. I am a major night owl, and I love to sleep in. But, do you ever sleep so much it actually makes you more sleepy? Guilty! I’ve been trying to switch this habit for waking up to write each morning before the kids start to stir. I don’t make it every single day, but I am improving. It helps me to remember how groggy I feel when I stay in bed too long.

Another habit I have is to use my phone to motivate me out of bed each morning. (Are you sensing a theme? πŸ˜…) It works, but, as much as I love it, social media isn’t always the best wake-up call. I haven’t figured out what to switch this for yet. I read my scriptures at night, and I love to go to sleep with that encouragement, so I’m not sure what else I could try. Any suggestions?

One habit I am grateful for is exercise. Missing it is a rare occasion, even if I keep it simple. My kids and I love yoga, kickboxing, and bundling up for a good walk. I hope to get back to running soon, but in the meantime, these activities help me keep my mental health in a good place. Can I count cleaning, too? Sometimes I feel like I ought to!

❀ Jenny

7 thoughts on “100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 29

  1. I don’t have a lot of daily habits out of the norm (eat, sleep, work), but one of them that has developed is reading through new WordPress blogs in the mornings. I have also done pretty well with going to the gym 3 times a week. I am proud of myself for keeping up with that one because I want to make my health a priority.

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