100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 43

Each day, laptop and children permitting, I’ll share a prompt that’s been on my mind, and a few of my thoughts.

You are welcome to share your own perspective in the comments, or just journal it out!

How do you balance respect for your body with respect for your mind and spirit?

See where I’m going with this? 😉

So often, we think about self-respect or self-care as single-faceted.

But, in reality, your body, mind, and spirit all need a little tlc.

Now, I always think about respect as “doing your future self a favor”, an idea I got from @thelindsayreport way back when. I’ve loved that and used it ever since.

But, sometimes, I find myself obsessing over a single piece of what makes me whole at the expense of another.

For example, do I ever obsess over my physical needs at the expense of my mental health? Yep.

Or do I miss out on fueling my spirit because I’m preoccupied with the daily to-do list? Uh-huh.

And, sometimes, setting those priorities intentionally is necessary, but the sweet spot of self-care is being thoughtful of all three.

So, what pieces of you need a little extra love today? And how do we integrate them?

❤ Jenny

2 thoughts on “100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 43

  1. I have trouble balancing respect for my mind, body and soul all at once. If I’m focusing on one, usually another is being at least somewhat neglected. The mind, especially, is difficult because it is more difficult to control. I heard a quote once: “You can’t control what comes into your mind, but you can control how long it stays there.”

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