The Middle

I shared this on my other social media platforms yesterday. I thought some of you might appreciate it, too.

*Warning: Politics headed your way. I won’t be offended in the least if you scroll on by.

We don’t believe in government-mandated masks.

AND YET, we wear masks in public places to protect others as much as we can. My husband is a schoolteacher, and my mom is a nurse. We never want to be responsible for getting anyone sick.

Black lives matter BECAUSE all lives matter. I have my reservations where the organization is concerned.

AND YET, I stand behind the sentence, because so many voices that need our help have been constantly, FATALLY ignored. We’ve seen it.

AND YET, burning down someone’s home as collateral damage is never okay – as a singular occurrence, but ESPECIALLY with people inside.

AND YET, I’ve done my best in the last year to listen to as many BIPOC voices as I can – through audiobooks, podcasts, social media, history etc…

I don’t agree with every perspective.

AND YET, I’m not afraid to learn, or share. I WANT to learn, because I can’t sit with all of this heartache and pray to be a part of the solution without trying. And because I hope to teach my kids to be better than I am.

I’m sincerely grateful for the privilege of being able to vote. I did hours of research, and I cast my ballot in November.

AND YET, I left the federal races blank.

I often feel like the political system is a lost cause.

AND YET, I was heartbroken to see the affront to democracy that took place at the capitol building. Voter suppression is the antithesis of freedom.

My point in saying all of this is not to be right or wrong. But, to all of my friends, who feel hopeless and helpless and unclear about the solution – as someone once told me – the middle is a place, too.

Most of the time, it’s quiet. There’s no one to validate or come jump on the bandwagon.

It’s a solo walk. You learn as you go, and you try not to get your head bitten off. And people will tell you to pick a side, or else!

So, I choose my neighbors, my family, my friends, and my God – to the best of my ability, across various scenarios.

And I’m going to screw up along the way. But I love you. And I love who I know America can be. I hope you can feel less alone for reading this.

❤️ Jenny

11 thoughts on “The Middle

  1. As long as we are “truly open” to listen, understand, and learn about others’ point of views, there’s hope..As long as we don’t spew hatred towards and for the “other” side, there’s long as we can live with and respect what’s different than us, there’s hope. I would like to believe that most of the people live in the middle(despite what’s strikingly being shoved our way) for that’s the world I sincerely hope our kids inherit. ❤️

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    1. Beautifully said, Pallavi. It’s hard to be truly open, and to respect what’s different from us – but I hope working on it counts for something. Because that’s the world I hope to leave for my kids, too ❤ Thank you for your example in my life, friend.

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