100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 48

Each day, laptop and children permitting, I’ll share a prompt that’s been on my mind, and a few of my thoughts.

You are welcome to share your own perspective in the comments, or just journal it out!

Are there experiences I’ve had in the past that made my values so important to me?

Now that you’ve taken stock of your values, I have a question for you.


Are there experiences in your past that have led you to your faith? To value love and connection? To choose empathy?

I’ve shared before how many relationships I wish I could have handled with more wisdom. Because of a few very specific experiences, I value empathy over conflict resolution – which may not always be the healthier choice, and that’s a struggle of mine.

But, maybe understanding where our values come from can help us prioritize them, and learn how to live them with more integrity.

❤ Jenny

6 thoughts on “100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 48

  1. My valuing of responsibility, rewards and consequences, stuff like that stems from a desire for the world to make sense. All my life, I felt like there was often no pattern to the consequences that my actions received. I got in trouble at school where other kids who did even worse things had nothing happen to them. Girls rejected me as they chased after guys who treated them like crap. And the same thing is happening now, as the governor shuts down the easy things that are not big spreaders of COVID while leaving alone things that are, and Big Tech censors voices with certain viewpoints for supposedly inciting violence while calls for violence on the other side of the aisle go unchecked and even cheered on.

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    1. I feel that. I’m hugely organized and a lot of my anxiety comes from things not going the way I think makes the most sense. It’s hard to learn how to respond to what we can’t control. Still working on it! You are not alone.

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  2. I value things now because they were missing from my life while I was growing up. I value socialization and friendship because I didn’t have a lot of friends and was sort of a loner. I value equality because I had family members who were racist. I value physical affection because it was lacking in our house. One thing I kept from my upbringing is my faith.

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