#34: How to Know and Love Who You Are – with Amber Viehweg

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Show Notes:

Weekly Affirmation: I am enough. I am inherently worthy. I am free. I am intentional. I am aligned.

Hi friends,

We are so excited for you to hear today’s interview!

Our guest: Amber Viehweg is a wife, mama of 3, Christian writer and speaker, and she’s also a history major and a social studies teacher – which comes in handy, because she has this huge passion for sharing her faith and helping others build a relationship with Jesus. We met Amber through Instagram, and I’m so grateful and honored to her for being willing to come and share.

She offers so many practical, helpful tips for how to know and love who you are, that crisis moment when you realize you don’t know what that looks like, and where to go from there.

– which is at the root of failure in a lot of ways! Feeling like you aren’t staying true to who you are is what is underneath that struggle, even if you haven’t put your finger on it yet.

So, what do you do about it?

10 Ways to Handle Identity Crisis:

  1. Sometimes, what we think will happen, doesn’t happen. Put in the thought work to know who you are before crisis mode sets in.
  2. Identity doesn’t have to have a label! Identity, and joy, can exist in many different places – it doesn’t have to be wrapped up in just one thing.
  3. Sometimes we have to walk through fire in order to know our strength.
  4. Let go of external or self-imposed ideas of what you think you should look like (spiritual, emotional, physical…) and just allow yourself to be.
  5. Be intentional about what you’re feeding your body, your mind, and your spirit.
  6. It’s okay to be messy.
  7. Start by the process of elimination. Strip away the pieces of who you aren’t, and what is left will be who you are.
  8. You will probably feel discomfort along the way. There will be people who don’t want you to change. But breaking down that mold will help you find the freedom that comes with living as your truest self.
  9. Identity and purpose can be fluid. It ebbs and flows and opens you up to more opportunities along the way. Or, for some people, identity looks like being steady in one thing. What works best for you?
  10. Give space and allow room for identity to be an individual, ongoing process, and remember that whoever you are inside, deep down in there, is okay. Be true to who you are, and not to who others feel you should be.


Journal Prompt: Fold a paper hot dog style. On the left, make a list of the “should”s or expectations you adhere to that might not really be who you are. On the right, ask yourself, when you strip those expectations away, what is left at the base of your soul? What inherent gifts do you have? What core values are important to you?

Homework! The next time an opportunity or a choice comes up for you this week – whether it’s saying yes to a commitment, or taking something off of your to-do list that just won’t fit, or adding something, like an outing with the kids, or a workout, or lunch with a friend or a shower – go back to that list, make an intentional decision, and see if having those values carved out helps you at all.

Spread love!

❤ Jenny and Joe


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