100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 62

Each day, laptop and children permitting, I’ll share a prompt that’s been on my mind, and a few of my thoughts.

You are welcome to share your own perspective in the comments, or just journal it out!

In another life, my dream career would be…

This one is inspired by Joe, who I seriously think would make the greatest weatherman.

He checks his weather app regularly and always knows conditions at any given moment. I literally don’t even look it up these days. I just ask him if I need a jacket 🤣.

What do you do, and what would you choose if you could pick any alternative career/day job?

❤ Jenny

13 thoughts on “100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 62

  1. One time I was at my parents’ house flipping around on the TV, and I found riding lawn mower racing on one of the obscure sports channels. I immediately shouted, “Mom! In case [my current career, the one I don’t say on here for spoiler reasons] doesn’t work out, I found what I want to do with my life!”

    That was not intended to be serious. But back when I was doing that other ongoing creative project that I think I’ve shown you before, I used to say my dream job was to do that full time. I’m not sure anymore, though… right now my dream job is the same job I have now, but like it was before COVID, and with more respect from the community and the highest-up people in charge.

    I used to think that I would go learn to drive a truck as a backup, in case my current career didn’t work out. I like long road trips and exploring new places, and I don’t have a family to miss back home. However, someone close to me recently did just that when his career stalled, and a few months in, the company he drove for fired him because he got into a minor accident while driving through icy conditions in the Rockies (this guy grew up where it doesn’t snow and had his training in hot summer weather, btw). So that feels less appealing to me now…

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    1. I think trucking would be horrible! We have family that does it and loves it, though. But they’ve had bad experiences with management as well before they got to where they are now. I also get what you’re saying about wishing for more respect in the field you’re in now. And I do remember that creative project! Do you still keep it up?

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      1. Yes… the trucker who got fired (I don’t want to name who this person is, so as not to be sharing someone else’s dirty laundry) is planning on getting back into trucking eventually, but probably not driving cross-country routes, and he wasn’t particularly impressed with the management of the people he was driving for before.

        I haven’t done any work on the other creative project in a few years, but I will have a post on DLTDGB coming up soon about that, and while I won’t have any new material ready, I might at least start putting back up some of my old 90s work in that other creative universe. The only downside is that I want to keep DLTDGB anonymous, and many of the people I’m writing about who I don’t want to see DLTDGB know about the other creative project and could easily trace it back to me. However, I think I also need to accept the fact that I don’t have a very big audience, and it is pretty unlikely that any of those people are actually going to find it that way.

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      2. My friend “Taylor” and my mom both read DLTDGB regularly, and I know that “Eddie,” “Raphael,” “Krista,” and “Catherine from high school” know of its existence. (Eddie’s wife might know too; she is also a recurring character in DLTDGB, but I don’t want to mention her by name because they weren’t a couple yet in 1996.) I think I just need to write for me and not worry about what they’re going to think, or if they might take issue with parts of it that aren’t historically accurate. I have, however, consulted some of those people on occasion making sure I get certain details right.

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      3. Oh yeah… also “Sean,” the guy I’ve mentioned as the other Catholic who also attends JCF (he will become more of a main character later), he knows about it because he found it on my own. He had read my old blog, because I always shared those posts on Facebook, and back when I was still writing both, I would occasionally link to it from there. (I share DLTDGB on Facebook too, but only to a friend list containing people I met in 2000 or later.)

        The one I’m really kind of worried about is “Carrie,” who you will meet sometime during the next school year after the one I’m writing now. I had some distinct awkward moments involving her, and I am currently in touch with her, and she knew of my old blog; I don’t think there is anyone else who fits all of those criteria. I don’t want to say too much about the nature of said awkward moments… but if she does find it and read abotu herself, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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      4. Also, “Sean” is not to be confused with “Shawn.” They are two different people (Sean Richards and Shawn Yang).

        I normally don’t like having multiple characters with the same name. But in this case, both Sean and Shawn I am using their real first names with fake last names; Sean because he found the blog before he was introduced and told me I could use his real name, and Shawn because he’s going to have a hilarious quote in a future episode about why is name is spelled Shawn and not Sean.

        I know I’ve already had multiple Mikes and Jennifers, but that’s just going to happen writing a story set at an American university in 1996… haha. 🙂 I usually refer to Mike Knepper by his full name because there are so many other Mikes and Michaels around. In real life, his name isn’t Mike, but it is something equally common, and in the same way, people often did the same thing, calling him by his first and last name to distinguish him from other people with the same first name.

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    1. There’s so much appeal in setting your own schedule. I would wish for that, too, I think. And you would make a great columnist! I seriously love reading your work – it’s real life, but also written like you’re telling a story.

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