#37: Faith, Loss, & How Everything Happens For A Reason – with Dayna Lundin

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Show Notes:

Weekly Affirmation: I can take things one day at a time. I am wholehearted. I support, and I am supported. I endure with faith. I am always growing.

Hi friends!

I originally planned on having an interview every other episode, but I literally couldn’t wait for you guys to hear our guest today.

Our Guest: Dayna Lundin is a mama of five kiddos. She loves to run, homeschool, and cut hair, and has a degree in mass communication from Dixie State College! She’s written articles for the St. George News, if you’re a Southern Utah peep. She’s also one of the first people I met when we moved to our new home, and she’s such a great example to me of service, showing up, and having confidence in who you are. I definitely teared up during our conversation, and again while editing it, and I just so appreciate her bravery and openness.

10 Insights from Infant Loss:

  1. You never know what someone else is going through, and sometimes people don’t talk about it. Be kind!
  2. You can support someone by really paying attention. Be “in the fight”, too.
  3. You decide what works best for you and your family. There are no right answers.
  4. Small acts of service make a big difference, even if you feel like they go unnoticed.
  5. Everything happens for a reason. How would your life be different without your challenges?
  6. Giving back, and service, on the part of the griever can be healing, too. 
  7. It’s okay to struggle; it’s okay to cry. It’s part of the process.
  8. You never stop grieving for a lost child.
  9. There will always be “what-if”s. You can’t worry about all of them.
  10. There’s no rules on your grieving – how you’re feeling, how long it takes, your reaction, what you do in that – everyone’s timeframe is different.


Journal Prompt: I’ve learned that a reason isn’t always apparent in the moment. But, I do think there’s comfort in a bigger plan, and, looking back, I know that certain experiences prepared me for later in my life, and helped me strengthen others, like Dayna talked about. So, maybe it’s not something you’re going through right now, but think about a difficult experience that helped you grow, or helped you be there for someone, and write down what it taught you.

Homework! For your homework, the next time something happens that really throws you off your game, I want you to actually say to yourself: everything happens for a reason. And you don’t have to know what that reason is right then, but maybe just knowing that there is one will offer a little bit of peace – that it’s okay to struggle and it’s okay for it to be hard, but that rock bottom isn’t the whole picture.

Spread love!

❤ Jenny and Joe


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