One Way I’m Working on My Marriage

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day/ Single Awareness Day πŸ’–

First, I have a surprise for all of my single peeps tomorrow!! Second, I thought I’d share one way I’m working on my marriage.

I’ve always heard that you can’t change someone else, you can only change yourself. And, honestly, there isn’t much that I would change, but when those things come up for us, I tell myself: I love Joe exactly the way he is.

This simple phrase has made a HUGE difference in the way I experience my marriage. One thing I’ve always loved about Joe is his ability to love me, even on my worst days.

Who doesn’t want to be accepted for who they are?!

I can’t express how grateful I am that he gives me that gift.

Even though I’m definitely the least laid back out of the two of us, I try my best to return the favor.

When I see socks in the doorway, or something left undone, or I feel like I’m not being prioritized…

Do I sometimes get upset? You bet. And I do bring it up when I need to. But, I also remind myself that he might be tired from a long day, and I’m grateful for his hard work. I remind myself that he’s service-oriented, and that he’d rather do a job right then not give it the attention it deserves. I love those qualities!

And I choose to love my choice.

It also takes so much of the pressure off.

Instead of waiting for something to be different, I’m so grateful for the life and the amazing man that I have.

As a disclaimer, I know that not everyone has that kind of marriage. It’s such an individual decision, and you know what’s best for you.

But, often, grace and gratitude precede growth. It has for us.

❀ Jenny

8 thoughts on “One Way I’m Working on My Marriage

  1. What a great reminder to accept others as they are, especially our spouses. Thinking positive thoughts about our significant others helps us see them in a much more positive way. And love them all that much more! πŸ™‚

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