#40: How to Find Yourself Again After Postpartum Depression – with Jill Freestone

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Show Notes:

Weekly Affirmation: I can say “no”. I stand up for myself. I know my needs and my options. I am high maintenance – and I love that about me.

Hi friends! 

I’m so excited for you to hear our interview today. This is the interview I wish I would have had in the middle of postpartum anxiety and newborn kids and hearing about self care for the first time. Because so many people talk about self care now – which is a good thing – but you don’t actually know what that looks like for you, individually, if it’s even a possibility for your situation, and why it’s a need and not just “would-be-nice”. And this isn’t a surface level discussion. Our guest was so open and so relatable and I honestly believe you will think about self care differently after listening. 

Our Guest: Jill Freestone is a friend and Life Coach, trained and certified through The Life Coach School. She also has an Elementary Education degree from BYU, music minor, and 25 years as a piano and flute teacher. Jill’s battles with anxiety, depression and chronic health problems led her to take many courses and therapy, giving her the tools to thrive. She loves dancing, learning, and the outdoors, spending time weekly mountain biking, running, hiking, skiing or camping. Jill says she is crazy about her handsome husband, especially when they are dancing. And they adore their three incredible daughters, ages 16, 19 and 21. And I actually met Jill through Instagram, I love the nature pictures that she shares, and just how open she is about her struggles, which I’m so excited for you guys to experience today.

Jill shares an experience from 15 years ago when she contemplated jumping out of a moving car. She talks about what led up to those thoughts, how terrifying they were, and how she learned to stand up for herself in the process.

10 Ways to Advocate for Yourself in a Difficult Season

  1. God feels anger, too, and knows what to do with it. Feeling and processing anger helps us draw closer to Him.
  2. Sometimes rock bottom is a wake up call. Everything can look good on the surface, but hurt builds gradually – take the time to pay attention to your needs before crisis strikes.
  3. Communicate those needs! We have options, but we don’t always see them. Make intentional plans and know that you don’t have to stay “in the box”.
  4. It’s okay to say “no”, and to take yourself off of the back-burner once in a while. Your mental health is more important than pleasing everyone.
  5. You choose how you want to tell the story. Allow difficult moments to become a catalyst for forgiveness and growth, and define what it is you want.
  6. Pain isn’t always easily visible. Be kind. Reach out to each other one-on-one, and be thoughtful in your interactions.
  7. Sharing our stories helps others be brave enough to do the same, and to get help.
  8. Do just one thing at a time – whatever that one thing is.
  9. It’s okay to take your time. Whether it’s grieving, forgiveness, healing, opening up, or making friends. Listen to what feels right for you.
  10. When you put yourself out there and get to know new people: Hold space. Be present. Make eye contact. Being seen starts with trying to really see others.


Journal Prompt: Make a list of the things that you need every day to be your best self.

Homework! Stop putting that off! And you can start with even just one thing – whatever that one thing is.

Spread love!

❤ Jenny and Joe


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