Sunday Thoughts: Peace, Rest, and Sabbath

Hi friends!

It’s been a busy week, I’m sorry I’ve been a little slow on here.

We have the statewide food drive coming up, and I’m in charge of distributing door hangers for our area. We also had a small church event yesterday I put together. Plus, I went through over 70 pages of documents for our estate planning. And, we’re working on getting a sprinkler system put in our yard!

All good things – just busy.

Today I felt a little achy, so I’m giving my body some rest. I took some Dayquil and stayed home from church.

But I miss it, so I thought I’d share some of my Sunday thoughts with you. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Sabbath recently.

Last month, I listened to an audiobook titled, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by Pastor John Mark Comer. It was incredible. He talks about why rest is so needed in our world today, and how to find it.

And this was written before Coronavirus ever happened!

He also spends an entire chapter talking about the Sabbath, or Shabbat. He explains the Sabbath in a way I’ve never understood before:

And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath…”

Mark 2: 27 (KJV)

Isn’t it interesting, the author points out, that of all the 10 commandments… don’t kill, don’t lie, don’t steal… God also commanded rest?

He loves us, and He wants us to be fortified to take on everything the adversary throws at us on a daily, hourly basis.

But somewhere along the way the Sabbath became a “to-do” list for me. I forgot that it was made for me.

This week, I decided to start reclaiming this special gift from a loving Father in Heaven.

So, Joe and I sat down and thought about what would really feel restorative for us, and our little family. What things will fill our cups and our souls for the week ahead?

And I made a “Sunday” wheel:

We want to read more, play more games, be more present with our kids, and enjoy God’s creations. We also set some boundaries with our social media and TV time.

I think it’s going to make a big difference.

What do you do on your day of rest?

❀ Jenny

14 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts: Peace, Rest, and Sabbath

  1. I usually go to the gym which, of course, is not exactly restful. It’s one of my days off from work, so I try to take advantage. I also read through some of the blogs I follow. Other than that, I lounge around during the morning and go to Starbucks to negate the work I did at the gym. πŸ˜•

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  2. Love it!
    Your spinner is awesome!
    We try to do church at home and then get outside in nature on Sabbath. We’ve done city walks to a nearby park and drive on day trips to do hikes or bike rides. Sometimes we meet up with friends for these outings. We also make Sabbath pancakes for breakfast and have family movie night with popcorn most Sabbath evenings.
    Sabbat Shalom friend! May your day of rest restore you to wholeness!

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  3. This a so needed for so many more of us! I usually journal, read, listen to sermons or spend time in nature or at the beach. Anything that refuels my soul. No TV, no social media, no work!

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