#44: Am I saying “no” too much? Or not enough?

Hi friends!

We went through a little rebrand over the weekend ✨

Each episode of the podcast will still include a journal prompt – now a “progress prompt” – to help you think about your own personal growth and values.

Today’s prompt is:

Feel free to listen in and share your own thoughts 👇🏽.

Have you ever heard of the idea that saying “yes” to one thing is saying “no” to something else?

Essentially, am I spending my time and energy on what I value the most?

I tend to gravitate toward saying no more often, to make sure I can give the things that matter most to me 100%.

But sometimes that means I turn down opportunities to serve, forget to invest in friendships, or fail to be the kind of person that someone else can count on.

And saying no is a good thing! It’s a protective boundary.

But I wonder, do I ever overdo it?

I don’t want to be afraid to say no.

And I don’t want to be afraid to say yes!

The question is, how do you know when to say no and when to say yes?

We chat about a few ideas in today’s episode, but we’d love to know – what do you think?

❤️ Jenny & Joe

8 thoughts on “#44: Am I saying “no” too much? Or not enough?

    1. I used to feel that way a lot. One thing I try to do is focus on what I can say yes to. I’ll say no – this doesn’t work for me. But this might. Or next time. It isn’t strictly “necessary”, but it helps me feel better about it and soften the blow so to speak. Or even if I don’t tell the other person, the more I focus on what I’m saying yes to (my kids, my health, my job, service in a different way…) the easier it is for me. Hugs, friend! 🙂

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