100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 81

Each day, laptop and children permitting, Iโ€™ll share a prompt thatโ€™s been on my mind, and a few of my thoughts.

You are welcome to share your own perspective in the comments, or just journal it out!

Do I believe there are different gender roles?

Joe and I have been wondering about this, and I’d love to get your thoughts.

While I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist necessarily, I also don’t believe “the woman’s place is in the home”.

I worked while pregnant with both of my kids, and for the first few years of my daughter’s life.

I love staying home with my kids now, and sometimes there are things I miss about work, too.

That’s part of the reason this blog exists.

As another example, y’all know I can’t cook ๐Ÿคฃ. I do okay with the crock pot, I suppose, but I can’t tell you how grateful I am for a man who knows how to make a 5-star dinner.

We’ve always tackled our marriage (and parenting) as an equal partnership.

That said, Joe is usually more easy-going; I’m definitely more anxious. …And probably more open with my emotions in general ๐Ÿ˜‚.

We connect with the kids differently. He wrestles with them. I ask them about their feelings, etc…

Is it an over-generalization to see those as gender differences? Are there different personality traits among the genders?

What do you think?

โค Jenny

4 thoughts on “100 Days of Journal Prompts: Day 81

  1. I believe there are definitely gender differences. No matter how much we may want to, we can’t change physiology. There are operations that can change gender, but even then it is difficult to change the brain and chemical makeup. Gender ROLES, I think, are a thing of the past.

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  2. While there are definitely differences between men and women due to how God created us, I think we need to avoid generalizations. Even in the bible there are examples of women who broke with norms such a Debra.

    I have know married couples with the husband being a much better cook. My assistant this year is better with power tools than her fiance.

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