#52: How Have You Changed Over the Years?

Today’s prompt is:

And, more specifically, what would you want someone who knew you “back then” to know about the person that you are today?

Feel free to listen in and share your own thoughts πŸ‘‡πŸΎ.

I’ll let you readers in on a little secret our listeners might not know…

I edited out a lot of angst in this one.

While Joe got to say “I am so much more confident now than I was back then!”, I feel completely the opposite.

I felt so much more free, and tapped into my divine identity as a youth than I do as an adult.

Though I have definitely grown for the better, I’m still growing in a lot of ways, and the topic of “knowing and loving who you are” is for me more than anyone.

I know that it’s so important, because I remember what it was like to have that, and in a lot of ways, on a lot of days, I still feel lost.

I miss that surety.

One thing I do know is, I’m not alone, and I’m so grateful for this community.

I’m also grateful for a Savior who knows who I am on days when I struggle. I need Him every hour of every day.

How about you?? Do you feel like you’re more confident now? Or then? What else has changed?

Thank you for being here! We love you!

❀ Jenny & Joe

12 thoughts on “#52: How Have You Changed Over the Years?

  1. I definitely agree with those last few paragraphs. The site has a great community that is level-headed, something you don’t see on most platforms. And absolutely true statement about the Savior as well!

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    1. That’s my favorite thing about WordPress. People seem less quick to judge, even though I know we all have our opinions. …And I’ve been binge-watching “The Chosen” over here, it’s so good! I need to read the four gospels again.


      1. Hmmmm…..

        I think I’ve lightened up a little. Probably not as much as I should, but a little.

        I’m not afraid to sing in public anymore, after singing at church at age 19, (something that almost gave away a spoiler), and a few positive experiences with karaoke in my late 20s.

        Although Coca-Cola is superior, I’ll drink Pepsi now if it’s the only option. I used to make a fuss about not ever drinking Pepsi.

        I’m sure there are less shallow things I could think of… I’ll come back to this (again) if I think of anything…

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