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What Do You Wish People Knew About Divorce? Progress Prompts

Today's prompt came as a request from our community, and I couldn't think of a better guest than my own mom. Sheri Gali is a Latter Day Saint mom of four kids, and a full-time nurse with a Bachelor's degree from Weber State University. She has been through 2 divorces, 8 miscarriages, and many other trials besides. I also know she isn't the only one who has gone through this often lonely, and life-changing experience. One of my goals with the podcast has always been transparency, and I think this topic could use a little more of just that. So listen in, and let us know your thoughts @progressprompts on Instagram or @ . Thank you for being here! — Send in a voice message:
  1. What Do You Wish People Knew About Divorce?
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