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Helpful vs. Unhelpful Positivity Progress Prompts

Today's progress prompt: What is the difference between helpful vs. unhelpful positivity? I love a bright future as much as anyone, but I also need to be understood and loved where I'm at.ย  We'd love to know what you think. What is the difference between a positive outlook versus someone invalidating your hard or not hearing you? How can we be more empathetic toward each other and yet still help lift each other up? Listen in, and let us know your thoughts over at or @progressprompts on Instagram. Thank you for being here! — Send in a voice message:
  1. Helpful vs. Unhelpful Positivity
  2. Am I Saying "No" Too Much? Or Not Enough?
  3. Our Rock Bottom Moments (Season Finale)
  4. Take a Break from Self-Development!
  5. How Setbacks and Detours are Part of the Path – with Mike Mcknight