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How to Overcome Roadblocks to Great Sex – with Dan Purcell Progress Prompts

Another dream guest on the podcast today! Dan Purcell is a "sexpert", software developer, and dad of six, married to the amazing Emily Purcell. Together, Dan & Emily created the "Get Your Marriage On!" blog, where they share what they've learned in their own marriage about sex, to help couples have more fulfilling relationships. Dan hosts a podcast of his own ("Get Your Marriage On!") AND created an incredible app called "Intimately Us" chockfull of resources, games, articles, and tips for improving your sex life with a clean & fun, but informative lens. Today, Joe and I ask Dan all of our questions about sex, including how to juggle sex with young kids, how to create more intimacy with your spouse, how to learn about sex together in a safe environment, and how to increase desire for sex when things like pregnancy, pain with sex, chronic illness, or desire discrepancy get in the way.Β  Trust me when I say, you will want to take notes! Visit our Show Notes @ for the tips that stood out to me, plus links to a load of helpful, free, & fun advice from Dan and his team, and find Dan @ . Thank you for being here! — Send in a voice message:
  1. How to Overcome Roadblocks to Great Sex – with Dan Purcell
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